Beta Qoph Society 




VISION 2021:To encourage women in the organization to realize their full potential. Also, work to inspire others in our circle to embrace their culture, mental health needs, and family values. To promote spiritual growth, display their love for God, and serve our community.


  1.  Complete 3 community projects

  2. Start an ongoing Mommy Market or something to assist Young black women

  3. Leadership /Teambuilding activity

  4. Group trip in June

  5. Spend one Hebrew Holiday together

  6. Create a calendar

  7. Create an essay book with the team input

  8. Wellness Symposium

  9. Complete 3 fundraisers


BETA Collegite


 VISION 2021:To use my God-given talent to prepare strong independent young ladies to see their full potential. Encourage them to serve one another and their community. Establish meaningful relationships/friendships with each other and assist in achieving their goals.


  1. Creating a sanctuary

  2. Discovering their Love Languages

  3. Mission Trip plan

  4. Wellness symposium

  5. Potential entrepreneurship