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Beta Qoph Society 




VISION 2022:

Vision:  To continue to encourage women in the organization and provide mentoring so that they can reach their full potential.  Create a movement in the local community that represents underrepresented women.  Encourage the women of the organization to deep dive into the  Black Diaspora and expand it with our families and community.  Always put God first and inspire others to expand their spiritual walk. 

Goal:  To expand this organization so that we can live up to the “Global” name.  

  • Complete 1 community project a quarter

  • Start a Mommy Market in your community by second quarter; or do a project in your community

  • Meet in person 3 times a year

  • Create Podcast once a quarter

  • Create a Blog once a month (rotate – volunteers)

  • Start a Scholarship

  • Quarterly fundraisers

  • Start an Entrepreneur Group

  • Bring a  friends to our ALL Call – once a quarter

  • Wellness Symposium – Wellness team

  • Mindfulness Blog and podcast

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