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Are You living out Your Purpose?

Black History Celebration Month always gets me to I living out my purpose? I have really explored the meaning of life and what my purpose is in this lifetime. Something that came to me today is that we talk a lot about the journey but not the birthing pains that go with our growing into our God given purpose.

I do a lot of self examination, self inspection, and reflection. And more often than not the process is painful but the renewal of the spirit makes it worth it. All of us have a divine purpose that will elevate our lives and bless our community. I have failed a lot through the years on my journey but, I have also had some wins. Black History month is our month to celebrate our ancestors that gave us so much to be able to discover and live out our purpose. Because of their sweat, blood, and tears we have the opportunity to fulfill the dream deferred. Rise up and Manifest greatness! - Mrs. B

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AMEN My Sister, yes, we got to embrace this Black History Month and keep paying homage to our ancestors. We must be about the work. Thank You for your work.

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