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The Black Diaspora in your history class?

In our society we have those discussions about our culture but how often do we stop talking and start doing? My challenge for the Beta Qoph Group is let us let others talk about it and care about it. This is Black History Month, which I think is overrated because black history is every day.
Every day there’s news about us as a people, teachers and teaching racism in school, police brutality, civil rights, voting rights, women and pregnancy discrimination, human trafficking, and economic disparity. Let’s discuss some of these subjects and see what happens

Why it’s important to incorporate the Black Diaspora in your history class? As a person who loves my Black History, I have always felt that it’s important to let my students know the full

story. When I was a student often in school, I would blurt out something significant about black accomplishment and as usual, the teacher would verify or say< I don’t know about that. Because of the response that I would often receive from my teachers, it challenged me to do the research so that I could become knowledgeable and not feel like I was being brushed aside.

Why do you think that teachers are faced with the task of only teaching about a hand full of black Americans? What did you learn and what are you doing to make sure your family and others around you are learning the real truth? Note: If you have any books or links to post, please do so.


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