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The Importance of the Micro Step

In this blog post I'm going to discuss the importance of taking a very small step towards your goal. Especially since we started new routines this year, I think it's important to learn about the micro step. You might ask what defines a “micro step”? A micro step is to take 3-5 min to start something small towards your overall goal. For example, if I was saying my goal this year to exercise more, I'll take 5 minutes to walk outside in accomplishing this it might push me to go further with it or to get started other things I want to do. What's important is so you took the first step to what you want to do. This helps to overcome procrastination by saying “I'm going to take 3- 5 minutes to do this”

you find yourself making more time for than instead of going “oh I have to block off this part of my day to do this whole thing” it also helps your mind to be more willing to do it. A lot of times women, in particular black women, tend to have a lot on their plate. In trying this new approach we can open our mind to commend the accomplishments no matter how small. I would love to hear feedback or other tips everyone has for procrastinating.

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